Monday, July 18, 2011

Avery thinks she's so helpful

So this morning, my 2-year old decides she's going to 'help' me with her baby brother. She thinks it's time for his diaper change. While I'm on the phone with my sister, she brings me (what I think is a clean diaper) saying "Mac need new diaper." I say "ok" and I get up to go change his diaper and I see him in his swing like this:

Next time I'm hoping he greets her with a nice spray down. It just might teach her to not be so helpful.

In other unrated news did you know that the milky way smells like raspberries? I'm not kidding! That to me is proof that God is a women, here He She is creating the universe when all the sudden He She gets a craving for raspberries. So He She makes the whole freakin Milky Way smell like raspberries. I'm kidding God has to be a man, why else would he create man first, except of course you have to have a rough draft before you create your masterpiece. So knowing that he could be a women.....but why do I keep referring to him as a "he"? Just goes to show God gave his brawn to man and brains to woman.


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