Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crap I did when I wasn't here...

I didn't get to do my CRAP I DID WHEN I WASN'T HERE segment last weekend. I was prepping for my sister and her family to come. So this week's CIDWIWH is really two weeks worth.

Last week was mine and Nick's 11th anniversary. So he took me out and got me drunk. Seriously he did. He didn't mean to (aledgely according to him) but he did. We went to the Baja Grill and he got me this HUGE margarita. (see picture)
I hadn't eaten anything all day, so he basically had to pick me off the floor and carry me to the movie we were going to sleep through see:
All I can say is read the book, it won't put you to sleep (of course I was slobbering drunk so that could have something to do with it.)

In other important things I did this week. I wrote a chapter on my SERIOUS blog about Matthew.

My family and my sister's family went to the Fort Worth Children's museum. Ton of fun. If you are so inclined you can view the pictures here

I also had two children puke on or near me this week. Fun oh Fun! It was so much fun you can buy the apron to remember it by. Check out my Apron

So that's the crap I did this week!


  1. Lol you could've stayed home and got drunk it would have been cheaper! I have immensely enjoyed our week here and I am not looking forward to going hom. :(


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