Sunday, July 31, 2011

Depressingly funny

So today I was watching an episode of Numb3rs on Netflix. It was called Scratch, about these people stealing lottery tickets. At the end of the episode the dad, Alan bought a ticket for his mathematician son Charlie to scratch off. The ticket was a $10,000 winner. WELL, the ticket was a fake and a joke for Charlie.

I thought, that was funny as hell and I wanted to buy a fake ticket like that for Nick as a joke. So I went and Googled Fake Lottery Ticket. While I was searching I saw Fake Lottery Ticket Gone Wrong. It's a Youtube video of this prank, well of course I watched it (you should too!)

At first it's kind of funny, the guy thinks he wins $2million dollars. So he calls his boss and totally tells his boss off and quits his job. His wife and brother try to tell him it's a joke, but he interrupts them, telling his wife he's divorcing her cause he can't stand her, and telling his brother he's screwing his girlfriend. By this time, I'm grasping my mouth in disbelief. Something that started out to be funny took a horribly demented turn and made me super depressed. So depressed even my Prozac chaser couldn't help.

So then I wanted to watch something funny to get my spirits up. Cause when I get down I'm like Nick when he plays HALO online and all the 9 year old boys are whooping his booty. So anywho, I clicked on another video (bad idea) it was another prank gone wrong. These people scare this girl so bad she runs out of the house and gets run over by a car. Another mouth grasping moment. My day is getting more and more depressing. So now I'm SUPER DEPRESSED! How horrible! (I'm not even going to attach that video cause it's WAY to depressing).

I was planning on writing on my other blog, but I'm way to depressed to even write now. So it's now my goal to get myself laughing. So I type in jokes, funny quotes, etc. Nothing is helping. Then I go to my favorite blog The Bloggess She makes me laugh 99.9% of the time. I'm so glad I stopped by her blog today too. Because she added a link to something SO funny, I could hardly breath I was laughing so hard. I absolutely hate auto-correct on my cell phone. But this site makes it all worth it! Here are a few to give you a good laugh.

So after going on a roller coaster of emotions today I think I'm ready for bed. I'm glad to be ending on a funny note.

p.p.s. I decided NOT to play the lottery trick on Nick. the repercussions are too steep. Besides I showed him the video, he would know I was up to something.

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