Friday, August 12, 2011

Crap I did when I wasn't here... Walmart

So for this weeks Crap I did when I wasn't here, it's going to be a VERY short issue.

Yesterday Nick and I took the family to Walmart. Now I SWEAR I've NEVER been to Walmart, I was a victium of an unfortunate shopping spree. Just like these poor victums.

ANYWAY...we were at Walmart, (purely against my will) and I saw these ceramic pots for sale:

Now at Home Depot these pots were $150, so I thought, what a wonderful deal. Then I felt them, they aren't ceramic, they are heavy duty plastic. But they look like REAL ceramic pots. Well Nick was on a different aisle while I was looking at these. So I decide to play a trick on Nick. I pick a pot up and pretend it's REALLY heavy, when he comes around the corner this is what happened:

ME: (lifting 'heavy' pot) Nick look at these beautiful... (drops pot)

NICK: (shear look of terror on his face)

pot bounces... people all around dying laughing... Nick now glaring at me... people slightly laughing.

NICK: I thought for sure that pot was going to break into a million pieces. You're a dork!

ME: (still laughing)

NICK: You're just mean.

ME: (still laughing)

I think I laughed for about an hour on and off.

Now if you don't know me, I LOVE to embarass my husband in public places like Walmart. Once we were shopping and I remembered I needed to get some deodorant. So I walked off without telling Nick. He was asking me where I was going, but I was ignoring him. He kept asking louder and louder finally I yelled: "I'm going to get CONDOMS!!"

Once again poor Nick was mortified.

Now don't think It's all me trying to embarrass him. Check out this picture of him at Walmart a few months ago (I was NOT with him).

He likes to go into Walmart, looking dumb to see if people will take pictures of him to place on the people of Walmart website. No, not really, I dared him to do it and he did.

Moving along...

Last night went to see THE HELP with my book club.

We read the book a few months ago, and LOVED the book. So we went to see the movie together. Very good movie, totally recommend it (book is better though).

I didn't have time to get much writing done, But if you haven't check out my writing blog. Please do and leave a comment. I would like people's input of the direction of the book.

That's really it for the CRAP I DID WHEN I WASN'T HERE, that's why it's called that. I mean I changed probably 70+ diapers, spit-up and poo, but I doubt you want to hear about the REAL Crap I did.

Please if you like reading my blog leave a comment, it's encouraging. Better yet, Click to follow me, it will help my self esteem. (yes I base my self esteem on my blog, I'm on Prozac for my self esteem thing).


  1. lol! The two of you are crazy! I don't know how ya'll do that. I would die of embarrassment!

  2. i would love to be on people of walmart!! im always acting like a dork in there c[: your blogs are so funny
    btw... i ALMOST thought the video was real... rofl

  3. Oh I laughed so much just reading about you dropping the fake ceramic pot. I would totally do that to Ian...

  4. I love playing tricks on Nick in public

  5. @Shel, I know I thought the video was real the first few minutes too. Cracked me up. People are always telling me they don't shop at Wal-mart.


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