Wednesday, August 3, 2011

He said, She said

So I was so depressed about the library books the other night I said to Nick.

ME: I'm so depressed I wish I had some drugs.

NICK: You have some Prozac.

ME: I wish I had hallucinogenic drugs.

NICK: Been there, done that, puked my guts out, don't think you'd like it.

Well now I feel guilty about not telling Nick about the library books because he tells me everything about his past, so I tell him...

ME: Today I returned the library books, they were $44 over due.

NICK: $44 DOLLARS!!!!!

ME: Well you did drugs! I'm pretty sure you can go to hell for that.

NICK: I'm not going to hell for that, besides how much did they cost me NOTHING (a friend gave them to him).

ME: It cost you some respect.

NICK:I would think it gained me some for telling you about it.

ME: The only thing it gained you was me thinking you're an idiot.

Later on that night he asked me if I had purchased our airplane tickets for going to Washington for Christmas. I've been procrastinating on that for weeks.

ME: That's not a good thing to ask me today, at least not in that tone.

Nick gets a smirk on his face.

ME: I'm going to take the money for Christmas and spend it all!

NICK: Yeah, at the library.

You turd!!


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