Monday, August 8, 2011

Jesus got screwed

I was quite shocked when my 5-year-old told me this yesterday. I was thinking "does she mean he got a bum deal having to be nailed to the cross, or something else I'm hoping she doesn't understand." So I ask her,

"What do you mean, sweetie?"

"They put screws into his hands."

"Oh, you mean nails, they put nails in his hands."

"Same thing." she responded.

Later I was relaying this story to my dad. My dad and I are soul-mates of humor. We both laugh at the same things. Many times our family is looking at us like we are nuts cause they don't get what we just "got".

My dad says "So he didn't get screwed, he got hammered."

Now please let me insert here for those of you who might be offended. We are NOT AT ALL making fun of what Jesus did, just of the fact that a little 5 year-old got her mords wixed.

So then I relay this story to Nick who, who holds an affinity with me and dad and our humorous puns, he replies with "or he got nailed."

"I 'saw' that one coming." I said.

Ok, anymore hardware puns? I know, we're 'nuts' but we better wrap this up before we all see 'bolts' of lightening.


  1. LOL you guys are crazy! We must be weird too cause we got it! Gotta love that sweet little girl!

  2. she's a hoot, she had no idea what she said


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