Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not enough super glue for even a quick high

This morning I thought I heard Max crying, but wasn't sure because I keep baby monitor so freaking low I can hardly hear it.  So really what's the point of having a baby monitor anyway.

I get up to check the monitor, and this is what I see:
Notice the white cable is cut in two
My first thought is Avery, my 2-year-old, now I don't know if she did it.  But between her and her sisters these are just a few of the things they destroyed.

Avery: cassette tapes
  Now thankfully my Neil Diamond cassette didn't make it into the carnage.  But these poor relics weren't so lucky.
Kamri: piano keys
Kamri got this piano for Christmas. She begged for it.  Had it...umm...2 days before the microphone was ripped off and the keys were missing.
Evie: a toy horse, broken leg
Poor Maximus the horse from TANGLED got his leg broke.  I super glued it back, and it broke again.  Super glue is a MUST in my house.  Maybe I should try sniffing it, that might make the carnage more fun...for me at least.

Kamri, Evie & Avery: NUMEROUS amounts of books
I've stapled the Tea with Ruby book at least 3 times.  One of the pages in that book should be "Ruby I hope you won't destory pages from a book when you have Tea With The Queen."
Kamri & Evie: broken drawer
My parents bought this dresser for the kids, we had it 2 weeks before someone thought it a great idea to stand on the bottom and do jumping jack on it.
Not sure: broken scooter
Yesterday I noticed Avery was trying to ride the scooter.  However, the pin was missing so it didn't sit up correctly and basically she was just grinding the bottom of the scooter on the ground (hard to explain)
Evie: BRAND NEW slip 'n slide (slid on twice)
Bought this slip 'n slide for the girls, set it up, at the end the water filled up a bubble so when you slide you bump into this bubble at the end.  What's with kids and jumping jacks?  Don't they know there is a time and a place for jumping jacks and mostly the time is NOT at home and the place is NOT on breakable things.  Evie decided to do jumping jacks on it, busted it after only 2 slides.

Avery: trampoline net
Our kids decided the the net around the trampoline was better with a hole in it, so they could bounce little Avery right out of it.

And the Pièce de résistance!
Avery: laptop computer, missing keys, broken screen
Avery slowly killed my computer.  In it's last days it look like it had some form of computer leprosy. First she dropped it and broke the screen.  Then she slowly ripped off the keys.

These are just a few of the things they destroyed. I don't know if I will ever have nice things.  I try and try and try to keep things from being demolished, be to no avail.  How do you teach kids the respect for property?

I think maybe the super glue idea is looking better and better. sniff sniff!

I'm completely baffled.

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  1. Oh no! Don't sniff the glue! Lol anyway... When I was younger my brother and I seemed to destroy everything! I think the thing that taught me to be respectful to my things and other peoples things was when I used my own money. So because I worked for it I had more respect for it (:


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