Sunday, August 7, 2011

Slow No News Sunday

Everyone knows that the weekends are notorious for NO NEWS. That's why I like to get my news on the weekend. It's way more funny educational. Like today on FoxNews, a mouse man is born in Japan.

Ok, not really, the real article is Japan Team Produces Sperm From Mice Stem Cells.
"A team of Japanese scientist have produced viable sperm from the stem cells of mice. The experiment could be a breakthrough toward treating infertile humans."

Because who doesn't want a mouse-man-child? It's been a dream of mine since...never. I mean who doesn't want a child that looks like this:

"He has his dad's ears and his mouses nose. How cute."

In other unimportant news (MSNBC) Buddhist Liberate Lobsters. Buddhist monks found themselves bored from medtations and decide to do something ridiculous useful (frankly I don't know which word to use). They bought 500 lobsters from a commerical fisherman and released the lobsters back into the wild. Now, corrrect me if I'm wrong, but that's just STUPID!!! They paid the commerical fishermen for the lobsters then set them free so that the fisherman can catch them AGAIN and make even more money off the same lobsters.

"I'm Stupid and don't care who knows!"

Lastly in the news of the ridculous. CNN has a link on their webpage, their link is Breaking:How to build Muscle Faster. Well the picture they put with the link is what's funny. However if you click the link it doesn't show the picture. SO being the thoughtful person I am, I took a screen shot for you.

It's kind of hard to tell what it is, so I recommend you seeing it for yourself. But for those lazy people who don't care and are solely relying on me to give them their ridiculous news for the day. The picture is that of a man in a bunny mask and a woman in a Renascence dress. What the hell does that have to do with Muscle building? I don't's Sunday. The Sunday News dude on CNN doesn't care, figures no one checks or cares anyway. Little does he realize, that Sunday is the ONLY day I check out the news.

Frankly if anyone important dies, any nature disaster happens, or any terrorist attack happens, if it doesn't happen on Sunday I'm not going to know about it. Cause frankly I don't give a care to check the news any other day of the week (nor do I have time.)

Stay tuned for Dolphin's petition...actually don't cause this is enough "news" for me today. Frankly, I could careless about dolphins.


  1. LOL! I don't watch the news either not even on Sundays. Now I'm almost sad I don't check it on Sundays. Scratch that I'm not!

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