Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who put the heroin in the Dr. Pepper?

I’m addicted to Dr.Pepper, I SWEAR they put heroin in it.Not that I know what heroin is like, but I’ve heard it’s very addictive.

Hook me up!

Since starting my I'm gonna lose this stupid weight or kill myself trying program, I planned I would only have 1 Dr.Pepper a day. That’s saying something for me. Normally I drink only 3 a day,which is 450 calories a day. (Ouch, that’s hard to read.) That’s 4 lbs a month…which comes to 48 lbs a year (HOLY CRAP! I just did the math right now)

Anyway, on to my seriously depressing story about me slowly becoming morbidly obese.

I had a can of Dr.Pepper in the fridge and when Nick came home, he wanted to drink it. I told him I was saving it for the next day. After serious negotiations I finally let him have the last Dr. Pepper.

Then I regretted it the next day (I knew I would). The following is a text conversation between Nick and me that marks how desperately addicted to Dr.Pepper I am.

ME: Mommy need!!!!



NICK: LOL well how bout a 7up?

ME: Yuk. Make me gag!

NICK: How about a glass of wine?

ME: Nope

(You know it’s bad when I turn down wine to whine…haha!)


NICK: Fine go get a Mr.Pibb then!

ME: I’d rather rip my eyes out

(I’m a pepper purest)

ME: ?


NICK: Maybe ur tongue and u would be happy with Pepsi!

ME: UR making me MAD

NICK: Ok fine, I’ll be the enabler

ME: MOMMY NEED!!!!!!!!!!

ME: It’s your fault. You drank the last 1

NICK: Whatever I knew you’d go to Sonic either way…..Addict!

Nick thinks I have a Sonic GPS (probably because I do). No joke, my family calls me to find out where the closest Sonic is. Just the other day my Dad calls, he was in Allen (which is about 50 miles away from where I live). He asks me where the closest Sonic is, and yes, I knew where one was. I can’t help it, I just remember practically every Sonic I’ve ever driven by. Today we drove by 3 more I had never seen before and my Sonic radar expanded.

After telling Nick this story today about dad calling me, he said “If dad’s ever on Who Wants To be a Millionaire and the question is “Where is the nearest Sonic?” He should phone a friend to call you.”

I digress…I don’t even remember what my point was.

Well, I’ll make a point up. If you don’t want to be morbidly obese you should stop drinking 3 Dr.Pepper’s a day. That’s what I’m trying to do.

But I really wish they wouldn’t make it so addicting!


  1. I don't remember you drinking that many when we were down. I switched to diet dr. pepper couple of years ago and apparently that is just as bad. who knew. I actually yelled at Andy the other day for taking my last one.

  2. One Large Sonic is 2 1/2 servings, plus a can is 3 1/2. So it doesn't seem like much, but it is.

  3. clarify: a can is 1 serving equaling 3 1/2 servings.

  4. oh I feel your pain! I am an addict also... I drink about 3 Dr Peppers a day and I willingly gave up coffee for them... now I am working on my 12 step program. I made tea and bought 1 bottle of dr pepper that I leave in the fridge. I carry around a water but when i start to get the headach (you know the one) I go to the fridge and take a drink or two... I am so bad that I have stopped buying my husband Mt Dew so I dont have to walk down the isle. Its a sad day when you sneak out to the closes sonic (funny you may be my twin) they have the best ice and gulp down a dr pepper so your husband doesnt give you that look..even my kid tells me "moooommmmmyyyy you said no more dr pepper!"

  5. Oh by the way you are welcome to check out my blog....

    it's just all the horrible things that my sister did to me but it's its good reading material when you have more then one kid.

  6. @dogedog: Nick said we MUST be soul sisters. Sounds a lot like one of my days.


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