Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I got this...what the what?

I tend to think I'm amazing.  Yes it's true, I think I'm mostly awesome. I thought having four kids would be easy....ugh!

When I had Kamri, my first, I thought there is no possible way I could love another child.  In fact, when I got pregnant with Evie (my 2nd) I was scared to death that I wouldn't love her as much as I loved Kamri.  Of course she came along and a miracle happened, my heart expanded and I loved her just as much as Kamri.  When I got pregnant with Avery (#3), I wasn't afraid of not loving her, I knew I would.  This time around I was thinking "I only have two hands and now I have 3 kids, how am I going to do this?" But I did it.  I didn't need three hands, I finally got a hold of things.  When I got pregnant with Max (#4) I thought "I got this...What's one more?" 

Well, let me tell you, "one more" is almost one more than I can handle.  Not only is Max an infant and needs to be feed every 4 hours, my two older girls are involved in a whole lot more extra stuff than before.  Ballet, Girl Scouts, homework, friends, etc.  It feels like most of my time is spent driving kids around. 

I'm so busy that I don't have time for ANYTHING to go wrong.  For instance, yesterday my FBBra (F sized bra for my FBB's F-ing Big Boobs) popped a wire. Second bra in 6 months to pop a wire.  Because I'm nursing and I have FBB's I can only get my size a bra at the Maternity Store.  Which is out of the way.  It took about 2 hours out of my day, that I needed else where.

(side note: I was wondering WHY my bra's kept popping the wires.  I looked at the tag and saw that it said "hand wash only" WHAT THE WHAT? It's a maternity bra!!  Doesn't the maker know I have more important things to do than hand wash a bra? I mean I guess I could throw it in with the 9 million bottles I clean each day and wash it there. SERIOUSLY!)

Anyway, it's now 9:20pm.  I'm exhausted, I have to get up at 4:45am.  But I'm bloging....Why? Hell if I know! It's just one more thing sucking my time. But I do this cause I love it.  I love writing and sharing the funny and annoying things with you. Unlike my FBB scavenger hunt, blogging is something I love to do. 

What are some things that are time suckers in your life? How did you feel when you're kids came around? 


  1. i absolutely adore you. the end.

  2. Hahahahaha! Just hahahahaah!! So been there and I only have 3. But 3 boys count as 10 kids right??!! You are doing an awesome job and ur words say it beautifully!!

  3. I was terrified with Kaitlyn, even more so with Bryce. okay with Ty, fine with Alex and ecstatic with Andy. Honestly, I'm exhausted but plugging along just like you! Your amazing, you know I adore you! I love you so much and I'm so very proud of you!

  4. ps ya stole my comic from my blog! lol

  5. @Amanda: oh thanks!
    @April: well I don't know yet...but I imagine boys are like having 10, especially since they eat like 10.
    @Trish: I love you too

  6. Taren,

    Does your washer have a gentle cycle? If so, utilize it on those FBB bras! I use that for everything that says handwash, because with three kids, a husband, a dog, two cats, a house, and a kitchen sink, who has time to hand wash something (or go to the store to replace it)?

    I am now of the "no-bra" women. I wear Old Navy bra top tanks and I have found that as I get older, things seem to be getting differently shaped, so it doesn't look like I don't have a bra on. Or maybe I'm too old to care. What. Ever.

    I have three boys...I think they are easier as teenagers, but harder as small children. At least I've been told. Since they are all teenagers and I'm not having too much trouble, I think there's something to this.



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