Friday, September 2, 2011

I love to party!!!

Ok so I LOVE to throw parties. I love planning everything: invitations, party favors, the food, the cake, EVERYTHING! However, I HATE haveing parties thrown for me.

I know I'm weird.

I've had so many of my own party disappointments, that I would just rather not have a party at all. I don't even like celebrating my birthday, no good comes from it. For one, you're older, and for two some thing BAD always happens (at least on my birthday).

One year, my dad broke his leg and we ended up in the ER. Once I was pushed off a stage and injured my neck and I was in the ER. Once my own mother made me make my own birthday cake, claiming it was for someone else, then breaking it out later that day saying "Happy Birthday!" (I'll never let her live that one down). One time my wonderful husband tried to throw me a surprise birthday party. Only the person he asked to send the invitations out sent me one. So I knew about the party. But that's not the worst was at Chucky Cheeses. I was in my twenties, and had no children at the time. Maybe this is a dream party for Nick, not so much for me.

All that being said, I love planning parties for other people. Probably because there's a part of me that wishes I had a party as AWESOME as the one I'm planning. But because of my anxiety disorder I wouldn't be able to handle a totally awesome party like the ones I plan.

Any who...I recently threw my good friend (I'll call her Katie, cause that's her name) a surprise baby shower. A lot of her friends are in Georgia, cause she grew up there. So it was kind of a mail order baby shower. I arranged for her friends to send gifts for her to my house. And her mom sneaked around to get her to the party. The theme was "A baby is brewing" and we had afternoon tea at a local tea room.  It was a ton of fun planning.

Here are some pictures from the party:

The Diaper Cake I made
The baby shower invitation
Notice the mug on the left, I made the little tea bag holders
The theme was "A Baby is Brewing!"
The gifts, I really didn't do those.

Ok so I know this post is a little boring....but I just wanted to show off my work.  I'm not only witty, I'm creative too.  And apparently conceited.  Oh well, I'll get over myself now.

If you EVER need a party planned, give me a call or a post, I would LOVE to help out!  (as long as your paying)


  1. Actually I am trying to organize a baby shower for my best fried in TN... while I live in FL so any idea??? I love the baby is brewing party Can I steal that??? The baby is a boy and I want this to be special she lost her last baby in a horrible way while her son was alone with her. then this baby was a twin and she lost one.. This has to be perfect so any advice would be greatly appriciated. I want it to be a surprise because I am going to be there for her party (I havent seen her in 6 months) you can post it to my blog she never checks it...too busy being a mom.

  2. I was going to say that I've never had a surprise party, so if you want to get together with my husband here in Virginia and plan something for next year...well, I wouldn't be upset. You obviously have a knack for party planning.

    But then I read the comment above and thought wow, how awful (and wonderful to be expecting despite all that's happened) and that's a LOT of pressure on the party planner. Dogedogworld - I am so sorry for your friend's losses. How dreadful for her. I hope she has a wonderful, healthy baby.


  3. I adore it! How Fabulous! I don't have parties either. I can't remember a great birthday I've had. Not quite as dramatic as yours though!
    Your getting quite the little following! I love your baby is brewing idea. Spectacular!

  4. @dog: I liked the baby brewing theme too. There is a ton more I could have done. but decided to keep it small.

    @Chelle: I wouldn't let your hubby take you to Chucky Cheeses, that's for sure.

    @Trish: I think birthdays pretty much suck in our childhood

  5. That is SO adorable! you did an AMAZING job at that! If I ever get knocked up, I would definitely call you to do the baby shower!

    Also, I'm the same way-- too many bad experiences on my own parties that I'm not a huge fan of parties for me... However, planning a party for someone else and making their day special is ALWAYS fun... it's nice to make people smile!

    The Baby Brewing theme? FANTASTIC! Never would have thought of it!

  6. @Karen: There's like 15 ways not to get into your pants on your blog. So it might be a while till you're knocked up. Just kidding! Thanks for commenting and enjoying my pictures!


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