Monday, September 5, 2011

Aliens vs. Zombies

So I was driving along and saw this bumper sticker:I think if Aliens are going to suck you out of your car a seat belt isn't going to stop them. What you should be more concerned about is Zombies. Now they need to make a bumper sticker that says "Buckle Up! It makes it harder for Zombies to drag you from your car. Not that it really matters cause if you're in a car you can go faster than the Zombies anyway."

In fact I just did! Go get your today and help prepare others for the Zombie Apocalypse! Just $4.75....What a steal!

I think that's amazing!


  1. That is an awesome idea for a bumper sticker! Thank you for making it. I will have to purchase it and then sneak up to a military tactical vehicle and slap it on the back! (hopefully I won't get caught...)

  2. I'm feeling you may be just a tad obsessed with zombies. There is a secret Z A meeting I think you should attend. But alas it's a secret and if I tell you they might drag me from my car!

  3. @Karen: That would be hilarious! If you ever did do that you'd have to post a pic!

    @Trish: Nick and I decided we are going to be a family of zombies for Halloween. Baby Max is going to be in my Moby strap and we're gonna make it look like he's growing out of me. I can't wait!!


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