Thursday, September 8, 2011

June Cleaver Jive

I got up this morning at the ungodly time of 4:45am, did my gym thing, and when I got back home I was feeling extra June Cleavery this morning. So I made my kids breakfast extra special.

Now I'm a good mom, I make my kids breakfast every morning. I don't just shove a bowl of sugar in front of them. (I save that for Saturday's when I try to sleep in). This morning I made them cowboy faces and pink milk.

Evie doesn't like tomatoes, so her "eyes" are grapes.

I used a heart cookie cutter for the egg nose, and a cowboy
one for the egg hat.
The mouth is ham and the hair is cottage cheese.

They don't look happy (it's 7am) but they were excited!
Avery was really excited! It just doesn't look it.
Normally I do stuff like this on special days like St. Patrick's day, Halloween, extra.  Like I said, I was feeling June Cleaver's jive vibe today.

Speaking of jive, name this movie quote and who said it and you will win.....nothing!

Chump don' wan' no help, chump don' get da help. Jive-@ss dude ain't got now brains any-how!


  1. That reminds me of Dad and the stuff he used to do with us. Now I'm all nostalgic! ACK! Very cute!!

  2. Super cute!

    Hey girl, I added you to my (continuously updated) Links I'm Crushing On page this week. Because you are awesome.


  3. @Heidi- Thanks that's awesome! Love your Girltomom site too!


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