Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lunch with a 2nd Grade Anorexic Vampire

Today I went to my girls' elementary school to have lunch with them.  I felt like I was walking back in time.  Everything was the same from the school smell, to the custodian  named "Jose".  But there is something majorly different about the school from when I went to elementary school  25 years ago (eek!).

The kids!

My first lunch was with Evie my kindergartner.  She was excited to see me, and could really care less about anything that was going on.  She just wanted to eat her lunch.  She stopped eating a few times to make her classmates laugh.  For instance, sticking Pringles in her mouth like a duck.  For the most part she didn't talk, not with me or her classmates.  All in all, it was a boring lunch.

Then I had lunch with my 2nd grader Kamri.  Now that was an experience.  She picked her friend who has been in her class since kindergarten to sit with her.  And then that girl wanted to bring a friend too.  Kamri said "Ok" So we sat down and Kamri (who is as skinny as a rail) dug into her lunch to eat.  While her friend pulled out her lunchable and explained to me that she doesn't like to eat.  In fact she only ate one bit of toast this morning for breakfast.  Then she only ate 1 cracker and 1 slice of meat.  I thought "Please Lord, don't let this start now."  Seven years old is too young to worry about your looks.  Kamri didn't seem to care that her friend wasn't eating, she was too busy sucking the juice out of her grapes.

This leads me to my next observation. (side note:) We don't have "normal" TV in our house.  We watch Netflix instant stream and if the girls watch any TV it's PBS. They don't even really know what a commercial is.  They were at their grandparents house last weekend, watching a movie and TV, and they kept getting frustrated that there were commercials.  They kept asking if the movie was over.

Anyway, they only get 2 hours of TV viewing time a day.  They can also loose their privilege of watching TV if they are disobedient or disrespectful. I made this chart:

They start at the Yellow Star everyday.  For every 30 minutes of TV they watch they have to move their picture down a star.  When they get to the Red Dot then they are done with TV for the day.  They can move down a star if they disobey too.  They can move up a star as well, but that never happens.

Anyway, all that to say, Kamri doesn't get to watch the "normal" TV like other girls her age.  She doesn't watch iCarly or Hannah Montana, or ...I don't even know what's popular. She's still so innocent, she told her friends she wanted to be a fairy for Halloween.  They scoffed at her and said they wanted to be vampires.  I don't know how I feel about this, she's growing up SO fast already, does she really have to be a anorexic vampire at the age of seven?

I was wanting her to be a zombie for Halloween so I could try out this cool new face painting technique, but after lunch today I've decided a fairy is a perfect Halloween costume for my baby girl.

"Growing Up" is over rated, I think we need to be more proactive as a community to slow this processes down.  How do you feel about how quickly our children's innocence gets striped away?  Do you feel that your children are too "grown up" for their age, or too "young"?  Let me know what you think.


  1. I totally agree with you. And I love your chart, I'm so stealing that idea. It's brilliant! What a crazy world we live in that a 7 year old is choosing not to eat. I know my girls are growing up at warp speed but I hold onto every ounce of innocence from them I can get. Even at 9 & 7, I love to buy my girls barbie dolls and babies. Elizabeth wanted a dancing baby on TV but said she was embarrassed to say she liked it because she thought we would make fun of her :0( I was like heck no I want the doll too, she looks so cute ;0) I would rather my girls seem immature now than be mini adults before puberty sets in.

  2. @Sonja: Kamri doesn't even realize that the things she likes seem baby to other girls her age.

  3. I think it's so sad that such young girls are already feeling that way! What are they teaching these kids. We don't have real cable either. We watch netflix and watch preapproved movies.

    I guess the boys just don't have the same problem as the girls but it's other things. The kids in the neighbor think my boys are dorks because they are nice to everyone and aren't bullies. We are really dealing with the being called dorks and pushed around right now. It's heartbreaking.

    I hope Kamri continues to be herself and not care what the other girls think.

  4. I'm 48, but my parents decided when I was 7 that "television was destroying the minds of the youth of America and creating a nation of illiterates." (I only heard that every time I asked if we could have tv, which was every day for 10 years, so I kind of know it by heart.) I thought it was the most abusive thing a parent could do, as I read every single book that I could get my hands on.

    When I had children, lo and behold... I did the exact. same. thing. My kids got to watch videos. Sometimes. Usually they played games, read books, played with eachother, played outside, road their bikes, skate boarded, roller bladed... you know, PLAYED. They never really seemed to care that we didn't have tv.

    They all managed to grow up, have tons of friends, play sports, be really popular, and be happy, healthy, funny, bright, amazingly normal boys. And now my youngest son, who is 22 and in the Marines, doesn't have a tv. He watches some things on netflix but that's about it. I'm on facebook wayyyyyyyyyy more than he is, because he doesn't care too much about that, either. My other two boys aren't much into tv, either. And neither am I. And that's pretty awesome, if you ask me.

    I think your daughter will be an amazing fairy.

    Kudos, mama.

  5. Kids really do grow up too fast. Especially girls...I hope she enjoys being a sweet fairy!

  6. @Paula, They sure do grow up to fast! She'd be sweet as a fairy, but knowing her she'll change her mind 20 times before halloween

  7. A good book can take a child around the world, teach character and can give parent and child good quality of time together.
    Hollywood is the trash can of America. It affects the styles we wear, makes us feel inadequate about ourselves if we dont look like them or live like they do. Yet they are the most unhappiest people in our country. Drugs, sex, marriages destroyed and children being raised by others and chased by the press.
    Keep you children innocent. Let them play make believe, dress up, and keep their imagination. God created them this way. Dont let the world steel that from them.
    Proud of you Taren!


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