Saturday, September 17, 2011

McDonald's is just plain CRAZY!

calm before the storm

Evie was invited to her first birthday party, that her sister wasn't invited to and it was at McDonald's.  I thought I would take the other 3 with me, buy them lunch and let them play while the party was going on. No big deal right?  Well I should have known that with my kids EVERYTHING is a big deal.

I'm one of those mean moms that doesn't let her kids play on the playground until all their food is eaten. Why?  I don't know!  It seems like the "mom" thing to do.  But really I'm just force feeding my kids fatty foods.  So not only am I'm mean, but I guess I'm slowly making my kids fatties.  (all I can say is MORBID OBESITY)


We ate lunch, Evie played with her friends.  Kamri and Avery complained the whole time that they wanted to play. After they finished their lunch they got to play.  Max end up having a blow out, I went to the restroom to change him.

Now I'm not being racist, just accurate, this McDonald's is in the Latino part of town.  There was several Spanish speaking people there.  That doesn't bother me, what does bother me is why can't the Latino people be taller?  I went to change Max in the restroom and the changing table literally went up to my knees.  I felt like a giant changing an ant.  It was really difficult cause I couldn't bend at the waist I had to kind of squat to change him.  Very awkward, especially in the skirt I was wearing!!

After the changing table fiasco, I headed back to the party just in time to be apart of the gift opening.  Now try getting 20 five-year-olds to stand back while the birthday girl is opening her gifts. Lots of pushing, shoving and a few tears.

And of course who do you think ruined the birthday cake?  You got it Avery!  Before I could catch her, her hand plunged into the cake...BEFORE they even ate it.  I was so embarrassed.  They just cut around  her hand print.

As I was gathering the girls to leave I saw a sign that said this "Braille and picture menu's available."

I thought to myself "First of all, if I was blind how would I see this sign. If I couldn't read how I would I know that this says there are picture menus available."  If I was blind or illiterate I would probably ask "do you have yada yada menu's available?"  Which would make the sign irrelevant.  Then as I was leaving the parking lot I noticed something else.

on the drive thru, seriously?

The same sign was on the drive thru.  Now tell me why are blind people driving thru the drive thru? And the sign was at the window to shouldn't the "driving blind person" already have ordered before getting to this window to see the sign?  Also, isn't the McDonald's menu a picture menu ANYWAY?  Why are they telling us they have picture menu's available?  Aren't they assuming the "illiterate people" are now also blind because they didn't see the pictures on the menu in the first place.  And if the "illiterate people" are blind wouldn't the picture menu be irrelevant anyway because they have menus in braille for the "blind illiterate" people? But if the "blind people" are also illiterate aren't the braille menus irrelevant too? Cause they couldn't read them anyway, cause they are illiterate.

So REALLY the sign is totally irrelevant, just a waste of plastic and time in the first place.

All in all, the outing was exhausting to me.  No one else was exhausted.  Max won't nap, Avery's bouncing off the walls and Kamri and Evie are running around in sugar induced rages.  I need a break....but NOT at McDonald'!


  1. Avery and the cake! That is classic. you could have won money on AFV with that one!

  2. Also, if a person is illiterate, they' shouldn't be issued a driver's license because they wouldn't be able to read any road signs!

  3. can I just say that I was SOOOOO grateful for a picture menu when I was in China and jonesing for some American food. Granted, I know the menu, but conveying that to the Chinese speaking cash register girl was impossible. Picture menu? Bingo. Point and order. Priceless.


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