Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Asgard against your Ori

I was washing dishes, and was reminiscing in my mind of the days when I lived in Amsterdam.

When I was 20, I spent a year living in Amsterdam.  I loved it!  It was amazing!  I had my own little flat, I walked to work everyday. I got to work at my own time and pace. All my time was MY time.  Everything I did, I did it because I wanted to.  Where ever I went, whatever I bought, it was all for me, no one else.

The only bummer thing was Nick and I were apart for 9 months of our engagement.  That was hard, but the rest was glorious!

So back to the here and now.  I was washing dishes and remembering my time in Amsterdam.  This is a transcript of what happened next:

ME:  We should move to Amsterdam.
(kids screaming in background)
NICK: Why?

Me: Because our kids could use the cultural experience.

NICK: ok, so you really want to bike to the grocery store with 4 kids every other day in the rain and haul the groceries up three flights of very narrow stairs and have to cover our kids eyes every time we pass a certain part of town?
(pause.....but kids still screaming)
ME: Fine then, I'll move there by myself.

NICK: Oh really?

ME: Yes really, I will do it in my mind.

NICK: No you won't

ME: I just did!

NICK: I will stop you.

ME: No you can't

NICK: how are you going to stop me from stoping you?

ME: My army will, it just did.

NICK: What army?

ME: the one in my mind.
(he laughs)
NICK: Well my army is stronger than yours so I will stop you.

ME: Well my army has Asgard technology. (regarding Stargate SG1 SciFi TV series) 

(long pause).

NICK: Well, my army has Ori technology which is better than your Asgard technology.

ME: Well my army as Ancient technology and my Ancients aren't afraid to kick your Ori's butt.

(we both look at each other)

ME: did we really just have this conversation?

NICK: Yep. pathetic.

As much as I would LOVE to move back the Amsterdam, Nick's right (don't tell him).  

Besides I would miss Syfy channel too much!


  1. Doug and I never have interesting conversations like that. I would stop you too and I have both asgard and ori technology! We are far enough as it is!

  2. I would LOVE to live in Amsterdam..One day..It will be mine... and a pack of wild Tribbles won't be able to stop me!

  3. at the tribbles! that cracks me up!!


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