Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Projectile Poo

Yeah, so this is probably going to be a disgusting post.  Just fair warning.

I was cuddling my sweet baby boy Max, he's smiling and enjoying the moment.  Quietly I hear him toot, and think. Baby toots are so cute.  (that was the last pleasant thought I had)

All the sudden, my cute innocent baby boy regurgitates all over me.  I am covered in chunky breast milk vomit. It's not just a little spit up either.  Oh no!  I had to change his pants, my pants, I had to clean the rocking chair and the carpet under the rocking chair.

I calmly do all this, believe it or not.  Whilst I'm changing Max's clothes I notice his diaper is wet, so I (being a good mother) decide to change that too.  As I open the soiled diaper, without warning Max PROJECTILE POOS on me.  Not his normal sweet smelling breast milk poo that smells like caramel corn (yes I'm weird, I think his poo smells good). Oh's green and pasty, and there is A LOT!  He finally gets done.  I remove the soiled diaper and as I'm in the process of placing the new diaper under his bum, he PROJECTILE POOS AGAIN!!!!!  More green, pasty poo. To top it all off, he's pushing so hard to get this poo out of his little body, that he pees on his face.  Which pisses him off, literally.

So now, there is vomit, poo, and pee all over him and me!  The JOYS of being a June Cleaver mom are NEVER ENDING!

Max after being cleaned. Happy boy!
  What's the most disgusting thing you've done today?  Please share.


  1. Beautiful Max! I can't wait to cuddle him again!

    We caught another rat but a baby one this time and a small lizard on the same glue trap both still alive

  2. LOL. It can be tres tres gross to be a Mama. Civilians just don't understand.

    xxx- Girl to -Heidi

  3. @ Trish: yuk! that is disgusting.
    @ Heidi: Civilians DON'T understand. :)


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