Monday, September 19, 2011

Worst Mommy Demerit goes to....June Cleaver?

If only the car ride to school looked as peaceful as this picture portrays. 

don't worry we were parked

So today has been the WORST day ever! Last night I set my alarm for 4:45 so I could wake up and go to the gym.  Unfortunately I set it for PM.  UGH!  I didn't actually wake up until 7:33.  You would think sleeping in 3 hours would be nice.  Well the kids' car pool was coming at 7:35.  I frantically called my neighbor and told her I'd take the kids to school.  Then I ran into the kids' room screaming "Wake up! We're late!  Get up, get up, get up!!!!"

EVIE: The lights burning my eyes.
(You'd think they were vampires or something.)


KAMRI: It's too early!


EVIE: My legs hurt, I can't walk!


5 minutes later Kamri is dressed and Evie is laying naked on her bedroom floor.


EVIE: I can't,

ME: YES YOU CAN!! (As I quickly shovel her arms and legs into the clothes, as she lays there like a rag doll.)

KAMRI: I'm hungry!


Meanwhile Nick being the level head man he is, is pouring them a bowl of sugar.  I guess that's better than nothing.

They quickly eat, we hop in the car and drive to school.  We only live right down the street, so we don't have to go too far.  We get there and it's 7:59, as I pull up to the school Kamri hops out and Evie says:

EVIE: Oh mom, kissy's

ME:  GET OUT!!!! (As I literally shove her out the car door.)

Almost immediately I feel SO guilty.  What a horrible mom I am.  She wanted a kiss good bye and I push her out the door.  I feel so bad.  They were going to be late no matter what I did, I should have been nicer to them.

Man I deserve the worst mom award....actually why would they even give awards for worst moms. What's the opposite of an award? A demerit?

So the worst mom demerit goes to me! The real June Cleaver.

Please feel free to share your Worst Mom moments with me.  I need to feel better about myself!


  1. Taren,

    My middle son fell on his wrist playing football with a friend. He was spending the night there and didn't tell me about it until the next day.

    I made him bend it this way and that and said well, it's moving, you're fine. It's not broken if you can bend it.

    But Mom, it hurts when I bend it.

    You just sprained it. You'll be fine.

    10 days later, it's swollen and hurts and the school calls to ask why I keep writing him a pass for gym. I'm working, so my husband takes him to urgent care for an x-ray.

    It's broken - well, fractured.

    Not only did I let my kid go around for 10 days with a fractured wrist, I BENT it while it was broken and said, "Oh, you're FINE."

    Worst. Mom. Ever.

  2. @Chelle, ouch! That's pretty bad. I probably would have done the same thing though, because Evie is always telling me "Mom, I broke my _____" so if she ever really does brake something I'll probably do the same thing.

  3. You are so not the worst mom ever! You love those girls and they know it! We all have bad days. I can't count how many bad mom moments I've had!

  4. Okey dokey. When the boys were younger and my daughter a wee bairn, trying to get them all into the car, and get anywhere was torture for me. One day however, as I was always, I mean, always having to wait for them to getta move on, and I was in a hurry, and I finally get them in the car, and I start to drive off, and I hear "STOP! MOM! Stop!" One of my boys was still getting into the car when I tried to leave, and had to hang onto the car door, and was terrified. At the time, I felt like the worst mom ever. Now, I know to check and make sure everyone is sitting buckled and so forth, he was fine, and they think it's still a hilarious story. 9 or 10 years later.

  5. @Trish, you're sweet.

    @Kelly, not once, but twice I've forgotten the buckle my daughter's seat belt to the seat. (but I've buckled her in). When I turn a corner too fast the car seat turns over. TWICE!!! The even bad thing is, I did it once to a kid a babysat when I was a teenager. So it's a reoccurring demerit for me.

  6. Okay so I know this post is older but man I needed to read this. I'm going to have to follow you blog more closely Taren. It makes me feel's not just me.Mommyhood is crazy. Or maybe it's just me that's crazy. Either way. hearing about your hectic time let's me know I'm not alone in the struggle.


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