Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Purses, boobs and other musings

I love how my girls love to play "grown up." They will play dress up, or doctor, or push the baby in the stroller.  They love to play "real life" things.  In fact, just this morning I over heard my two year old, Avery, saying "LOOK AT ME BABY, OR I HIT YOU."  I caught her just in time to stop the blow to the baby dolls face. Poor baby doll!  I don't know what that baby did, but she was about to get a beating before Grandma Taren stepped in. (I actually made Avery sit in the naughty chair because I was disturbed at her anger toward this poor helpless baby. My first thought was "did she get this from me?"  But I have NEVER punched any of my kids in the face, so I'm pretty sure she didn't get it from me.)

After a three minute time out, Avery continued playing with the baby, only this time much gentler.  As she was playing I was cleaning up. I picked up an old purse of mine that was on the ground that I had given them to play with. I opened it up and this is what I found:

In the purse is a robot dog, legos, polly pocket and other random toys.  My first thought was, "I wish I could carry just legos." Don't know what I'd do with legos, but it seems more interesting that hand sanitizer and mini depends.

Another thing I LOVE is when my husband plays with our kids.  The girls go crazy like he's their personal horse, wrestling partner, story teller, whatever!  It's so cute! Yesterday, they were playing dolls together.  They have these dolls similar to paper dolls, only the clothes are magnetic.  When I came home Nick was SO proud he wanted to show me what they made.

To which Nick said "This (pointing to the blonde) is mommy before kids.  Long blonde hair and small boobs.  This (pointed the the brunette) is mommy after kids, brown hair in a bun, with super big boobs."

Thanks Nick, I'm so glad you are teaching our girls all about self confidence! (although I do have to say that the brunette really does look like me, arms up and all.  Me saying "I give up!").

What do you love about when your kids play? Is your husband as dorky as mine is?  (Gotta love a man who plays Barbies with his little girls though).

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