Sunday, October 2, 2011

Stupid News Sunday

I haven't done a Stupid news Sunday in a while. Not because there was lack of stupid news....OH NO, there are many stupid news stories. In fact I would say there is a plethora of stupid news. But here's this weeks Stupid News:

Apparently Stan Lee and friends are having a hard time creating a new line of comics. That or people are so illiterate that they decided to make comic books out of Classical literature. On CNN there was an article about Marvel comic's turning classical books into comic books.  Some how I don't think Jane Austen would approve of comic-booking her Emma.

Jane Austen's Emma

Good news for the zombieing world on Fox News.  October 8th has been declared World Zombie Day!  This is the next big step for equality among zombies.

And on the stupidest news outlet of them all, MSNBC If intelligent ET exists, what about God? Apparently Christians are so closed minded that we can't possible believe that there are aliens out there on other planets.  That if there are aliens it poses the questions "Did Jesus Die for Klingons too?"  

If there aren't aliens, God is the ultimate waster of space and He's not as creative as I thought.  If he can make a world full of comic-book-loving-jane-austen-zoombies, he can make world full of Klingon-loving-space-craft-flying-funny-faced aliens. 

There is so many things we will never understand (like the trinity) I think that posing the question "Did Jesus die for Klingons?" falls into the category "too big for your suitcase" (which means too big for you to understand, so just don't bother packing it in your bag.)

Not really a funny post, just pointing out that news media is as dumb as a box of hair sometimes.

Which classical book would you want made into a comic book?  Or do you think there are aliens?  Just curious to know what you think.

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