Saturday, October 22, 2011

Who Woulda Thunk?

I did NOT realize that having my children in ballet would mean that I'd have to take a second mortgage on my home.

My girls are both in the North Central Ballet Company's performance of the Nutcracker Ballet this Christmas.

About 3 months ago my girls wanted to audition for the Nutcracker Ballet.  So I thought, "ok, no big's an audition. Surely they won't get picked."  (isn't that horrible I was hoping they wouldn't get picked, what does that say about me?)

Well, they DID get picked.  Evie is a cherub and Kamri is a mouse, a Mother Ginger child and a Seraph!!!  Being apart of they ballet you have to do all this stuff.  You have to sell 10 tickets (per kid so that's 20 for me)., sell an advertisement in the program (2 for me, since I have 2 kids in it), you have to pay for all the the costumes (that's 4 for me, cause Evie's got 1 part and Kamri has 3 parts), AND parents have to volunteer for 2 volunteer positions (that's 4 for me). If you don't sell the the tickets or advertisements you have to pay for it yourself.

What was I thinking?!?!?

20 tickets x $30 each = $600
2 advertisements x $125 each = $250
4 costumes = $211
Total = $1061

For ONE freaking Ballet!!!! There goes Christmas!

Please if you and your family would like to help save me from insanity (ok, that's too late, cause I already committed to the Ballet) Please buy tickets from me!!

You can purchase tickets here.  For every 2 adult tickets you buy you can get 1 free kid ticket (regularly $25).

Normally I wouldn't advertise for things on my blog.  BUT FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!!! Over $1000 is a little overwhelming!

Please if you purchase tickets let me know, so I can write you down as one of the plethora of tickets I have to sell.  Thank you friends in advance for helping me out!

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