Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your....

My baby girl, Avery is turning 3 next week. and we are having a Rapunzel birthday party for her.  I like to go ALL OUT for my kids' birthdays. Not like those crazy people on TV who spend $32000 on birthdays.  Thats just nuts.  But I like to imagine what I would have liked as a kid and do that for my kids.

Avery wants a Rapunzel birthday.  She was Rapunzel for Halloween and she's stuck on the movie Tangled. We watch it at least 5 times a day (not really). So one of the things I'm making is a Rapunzel tower. 

I'm going to show you everthing you need to do to make a partially completed Rapunzel tower. That's right....this is only a partially completed tower. 

Just so you know a two hour nap time is not enough time to complete this project. 

What you need for the first part are boxes (lots of boxes) and painters tape:

Lay the boxes out in a massive square

Tape every box together at the seams

Turn over and tape like front
For this next part you will need a pencil, a rusty straight edge knife (It doesn't have to be rusty, mine is, it makes if more challenging.  Not only do you have to cut out the tower, you have to avoid needing a tetanus shot.), scissors, Marks-a-lot and measuring tape.

Measure where you want the window

Sniff the marks-a-lot

pass out from the smell
After drawing the tower you will cut it out.  But be sure to move it off your hardwood floors, you don't want your husband getting mad at you for scratching the hardwoods with the rusty straight edge.  (he doesn't need to know that you spilled rusty water from the wet ladder you used to measure where the window would go, that would just make things worse.)

Cut out the tower and VOILA!

My next task is to get some KILZ and paint to make the tower look like a tower.  I'll post pics next nap time. 

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