Thursday, December 8, 2011

Magical Nook and Demonic Cell Phone

My Nook Book from Barnes and Nobles is magical.  Not, metaphorically speaking... it actually has magical powers.  I've witnessed these powers myself.  Every time....and I mean EVERY TIME, I work out at the gym (which is every weekday) and read my Nook, my nook does something magical. Somehow the music in the gyms magically becomes perfect background music for whatever I'm reading.  It literally fits together so well you would think that you were reading watching a movie.

This morning I was reading a scene from the book A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin, where two men were competing in a duel and the music playing in the background was the perfect amount of intensity that I was in genuinely sucked into the book.

I swear, it's magical!

Now on to my demonic cell phone.  Ugh!  I hate this phone with a passion. The other day when the girls were doing the ballet.  I had to take them to the theater and drop them off because I had to take Max to the doctor.  The Director has my cell phone number so I wasn't worry.  About half to the doctor the Director calls me.  I TRY to answer the phone, the STUPID phone won't let me answer it.  I hit the button, and nothing happens. I decide to call him back.  It appears when I place the call that the call is going through....but OH NO, it won't ring.  I can't dial out. I can't answer or dial.  I can however text.  So I text my husband (while driving, I know it's bad).  I tell him to call the Director. My phone was like this for four hours.  Then all the sudden it starts working again. Drives me crazy.

Then just yesterday I turn on Google Maps on my phone.  I swear that app just likes to mess with me. It will send me around the block the wrong way then lead me back around.  When I could have just maybe turned left or something simple. So frustrating!

So it's a trade off Magical Nook for a demonic cell phone.  

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