Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Things I dislike about Facebook:

1. "Dear so and so"  I hate it when people tell store/random people/TV/etc something on Facebook in a "Dear so-and-so" format.  Just say "I hate it when TV commercials do this."

2. "Lord Help me".....I hate it when people tell the Lord to do something to their lives on Facebook.  Isn't that a bit personal and do you think that the rest of the world wants to know that you need God to make you a better person?  (We already know that:)

3. Talking for dead people....this is a little weird and I've only seen this once, but it creeps me out.  A friend of mine died unexpectedly a year ago and their family goes on and writes posts as if they are talking from heaven. A little weird.  It's so sad I had to un-friend my dead friend because of his weird family.

4. Games... Don't get me wrong, I like to play the games every once in a while.  I just don't like seeing your score or that you need my help with anything.  Frankly I have to help for little kids all day long, and I don't really want to help you with a silly game. 

I'm sure I do things that drive other people nuts, (like post my blog posts on FB).  But this is my blog and I can complain about it here.

What drives you nuts about Facebook?

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