Sunday, January 29, 2012

If I could return a week...

I would return this week and demand a FULL refund!  This was possibly the worst week all year (easy to say in January). 

I won't bore you with the details of my crappy week.   But I'll give you a hint.

What does this:
and this:

Have in common?

Well, you may remember a blog post back in August where I shared with you all the things my kids have broken. Well, I wish I could say that Avery did it again...but she didn't.  This time I accidentally poured lemonade on my computer.  How you may ask?

Well I bought my girls a medium size lemonade from Sonic to share (because I was being stingy) and I was pouring the medium into 3 small glasses in the car, right above my computer.  (I can hear you screaming now "No Taren Don't DO THAT"  believe me, I'm screaming that too as I write this.)  And I  accidentally slipped and dropped the lemonade all over the computer. 

I cursed all the way home, tried to turn it on...nothing.  I remember a friend dropped her cell phone in a pool and she soaked it in rice and after 3 days it was fine.  I'm praying for a 3 day miracle.  That's were the rice comes in.  I bought a HUGE bag of rice and covered my computer in it. 

I guess I can be as bad as my kids....sometimes. 

p.s. I'm writing this post on my hubby's computer.  So if I'm not on this know why! 

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