Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's time to blog about Christmas....

I realize Christmas was about 2 weeks ago.  But it's time to share all the holiday craziness cheer that our family found this year.

First of all, let me preface this tale by the fact that Nick and I are completely insane.  Only insane people would travel with 4 children (one being an infant) on 3 flights totally 8 hours, just to get in a car and drive 6 hours to our destination.  Not slightly insane people, or partially insane people....COMPLETELY INSANE PEOPLE!!

I'll spare you the agony of 8 hours on a plane ride with 4 kids.  Just use you imagination and I'm sure you'll come close to the agony we dealt with.

We were visiting Nick's family for Christmas.  His parents are divorced so we had to spend half our time in Spokane and half in Seattle.  The first part of our trip was at his Dad's in Seattle.

When we arrived in Seattle we stayed at his dad's house for 3 days.  Eight-twelve people in about 1000 sqft, crazy! I made sure my pockets were full of smarties candy for my nieces and nephew's.  If they wanted candy they had to give me a hug, because I'm that kind of aunt. I was sure to keep my pockets full the whole time we were there.

Nick's dad is a bachelor and basically lives like one.  Mix match glasses and forks, no pillows, hand towels for the shower, etc.  The first day I got in the shower with my 3-year-old, the shower curtain was covered in mold.  I was dry heaving!  Avery says "look mama poo-poo"  I don't know which is worse, poo or mold.  I hopped out, and told Nick I wouldn't be taking a shower until the curtain was replaced.  (My wonderful husband went right away and bought a new one for me).

Basically our days consisted of screaming kids "playing" if you call constantly fighting playing.  Our nights consisted of HALO video games.  When I say "Our" I mean, Nick.  I was in charge of getting 5 kids to sleep in a twin size bed, by making up scary Christmas bedtime stories, because I'm that kind of aunt.

Santa came to visit on the third day.  All the kids were super excited about meeting the REAL Santa.  They all were jumping up and down when he walked in the house.  All except my 7 year old who was devastated by the fact that this was NOT the real Santa.  We asked her why she thought that.  She replied "His shoes aren't black."  Note to Santa's everywhere....SHOES MATTER TO SEVEN YEAR OLDS!  Finally Nick convinced her (with several lies) that this Santa was Santa's helper and would bring her whatever she wanted.  So she got over her sadness and asked Santa for a doll.  Guess what Nick had to do that night?  Yep!  Thank heavens for 24 hour Walmart.  Went and bought her a doll.

The next morning when she got what she asked for she was a true believer in Santa! However, every other kid was quite confused why they didn't get what they asked for.  Including Evie my 5-year-old.

"Christmas morning" was chaos.  (I quote Christmas because it was really the 23rd). Eight adults and ten kids (1000sq ft) wrapping paper everywhere, babies crying, cameras clicking, muffins burning and Dr. Pepper pour (ok that was just me.) It was one CRAZY morning.  I'm surprised no one got hurt.

There's still 5 more days to tell you about.  But this is getting crazy long and I don't want to bore you, I haven't even gotten to the funny stuff yet. (plus I'm super tired so I'm going to bed!)

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