Monday, February 13, 2012

My Kids are Heroes

My girls are heroes!  Today we were driving home from girl scouts and my oldest daughter saw a white "puppy" wondering around in the 39 degree weather.  She was so upset that he was alone in the cold, that I turned around to see if I could find him.  Thinking that he would be gone by the time we got back.  

Well, he wasn't gone and he was so cute, so I whistled for him to get in the car and he did.  We took him home and poor thing didn't have any collar.  I thought he has to be owned by someone, so I'll take him to the animal shelter tomorrow. (Couldn't do it today cause it was Sunday and 5pm)

I must preface this story with the fact that I know NOTHING about dogs.  I know they eat, poop and pee, but other than the functions of a baby, I don't know what to do with dogs.  Plus Nick is terribly allergic to dogs, so I made the dog go in the backyard till I figured out what to do.

The girls were SO excited to have a dog in the yard, that they bundled up and went out back to play with him.  

First things, I called my neighbor and asked for a bowl of dog food for the little fellow. Then set out a bowl of water for him too.  Then I looked online to see where can bischon dogs sleep, outside or in?  Apparently they are so little that when it's 39 degrees out they need to be inside.  So we had to bring him in.  I told the girls to bring him in.  By now they have named him "Shadow."  Which is a horrible name for this cute little dog. First off dog is white, second this dog is so small it probably doesn't even have a shadow, and last he is so nervous of the girls that he's not "shadowing" them anyway. So I tell the girls:

ME:  His name is not Shadow!
Girls: it's not? What is it?
ME: It's Toby. 
Girl: Toby? That's a cute name (at which point Avery starts to call him Zoe). 

We shut "Toby" up in the kitchen with the baby gates, and Kamri stays with him all evening.  Playing, making him do tricks.  He's a really good dog.

In the meantime I contact our HOA and tell them I found the dog.  I didn't think they'd get back to me until Monday, but got a response right away saying they would post the info on the website.  Then at about 9pm I get a forwarded email from the HOA from a couple looking for their Bischon dog lost in my area.  I call them and the owner comes and gets him.  Funny thing, the cute little Toby is actually named Max.  (Which is one of the reasons I didn't want to name my son Max....another story for another time.)

So Max was returned to his owner and my girls saved this cute dog on the only Texas snowy day we had!  I'm so proud of them!  (Mainly Kamri, cause she spouted him and took care of him all night.)

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