Saturday, July 7, 2012

Curse you Home Depot

I've always wondered what the slogan meant "that's the power of Home Depot" It never really made sense to me, until this week.

This is my favorite Home Depot image because it's with cheap Non-White Labor!

We've been removing this ugly shrubs from the front of our house.  Which, of course was just a small project.  Even though it took Nick's Dodge Ram Pick Up truck to yank them out.  Once we got the shrubs out, we then accidently broke a sprinkler line, so we headed to Home Depot to fix the problem (I say we, I mean Nick).  He came back with the solution. But then we had to go BACK to Home Depot to get the Flowers and shurbs to replace what we just knocked out.  Only, they didn't have exactly what we wanted.  So we headed to a nursery where an awesome man name Josh helped us out.  Totally recommend them. We got our layout, shrubs, All ready to go...except we needed dirt and garden trim.  So back to Home Depot.

Here's where the POWER of the HOME DEPOT comes into play.  You know you have a bed that's 15 ft x 4 ft.  So logically you only need  5 -4ft.  (you don't realize you have to cut them down so really you need 6). So, the POWER of the HOME DEPOT is they some how make you mathematically get things wrong, so you have to return 3-5 times which makes you 3-5 times more likely to get more things and that my friends is the POWER of the HOME DEPOT!

It NEVER fails, think about it.  When you are doing a small home project how many trips do you make to Home Depot?  Probably 5 or 6...Yep, that's the Power of the Home Depot.

Shop at Lowe's my friends, Shop at Lowe's!

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