Saturday, August 25, 2012

Seeds of Friendship

When I was a kid I used to think my friends would be my best friends FOREVER!  I hear my girls say it all they time.  "She's my best friend, we'll be best friends forever."  As a kid I had no concept that there was no forever in friendships, that every friendship eventually dies.

As I got older I realized friends come and go.  For a while I harden myself to that fact.  "What's the point of making friend's if they're just going to leave soon?"  Then I moved to Amsterdam and I met Jeanette!  She was used to friends coming in and out of her life.  When you live on a YWAM base (Youth With A Mission) you get use to people coming and going every 2 years.  Even though she knew I wasn't going be there that long she committed everything to being my friend.  She was the first person to truly to teach me how to be a genuine friend.

Friendship is only for a short period of time, a window if you will.  Jesus knew that.  He had 3 years.  He poured everything he had into his twelve friends in those three years.  I learned that from Jeanette.  We had 9 months.  She was my best friend.  She poured everything into me.

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Friends rarely stay in your life FOREVER.  So take the time to cultivate your friendships, like a garden.  You don't grow a garden once and say "Oh I'm done, I never have to plant again or water again."  NO! It will die! You will have to plant again next season.  You will have to water again next week.  Your friendships are the same way, water your friendships weekly, plant them seasonally, weed them regularly. We need friendships throughout our life.  Even though we won't keep friendship our whole life (save family, spouse, children) we'll need new ones continually.

I learned that from my dear friend Jeanette.  Whom I'll never see again, except through Facebook, which really doesn't count. That's why we need friendship, to learn little seeds like this.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I just got back from the 2012 MOPS Convention! It was WONDERFUL!!!

Me with CEO Shelly Surratt

I spent 2 1/2 days with two thousand Mother's of Preschoolers worshiping God, feeling refreshed and hearing some wonderful speakers.  One of those speakers was author Shauna Niequist, she had a workshop about creating a Creative life.  Meaning those of us who are artists, writers, photographers, etc should take the time to use our artist abilities make a date with ourselves so that inner artist doesn't die.

I think my back and neck weren't the only things that got injured in my car accident in April. I went through a really deep depression, and I think just now I'm starting to pull myself out of it.  My inner artist really suffered during this time.  I couldn't write, I could barely find anything "funny" to blog about in the last few months.

But that's over.  I'm renewing my commitment to myself (and to you). I'm going to blog once a week, something funny. That's my commitment.  Everything else I blog will be gravy.  (Come on people, I have 4 kids and I homeschool, give a girl a break).

So I'm trying to think of funny things that happen this weekend and of course there were a ton of "you had to be there moments."  So I'll just give you a general on.  Imagine this, a Ballroom filled with 2000 Moms going to a MOM PROM.  Here if you don't have an imgination, here are some pictures to help:

I love the pregnant belly in the 80's dress

Apparently I didn't get the memo it was an 80's prom.  Oh well, these women were fabulous!  It was a ton of fun!  Next year's MomCon is in Kansas City, MO.  I'm planning on going!  You should too!