Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas 2012

Dear Friends and family,

Yes, Yes everyone wants to know what exciting things the Walters have been up to this year.  So here you have it, the exclusive interview you've all been anxiously waiting for.

Since it is the Holiday season, it seems fitting to mention that we have not been invited to a single Holiday party this year.  We only mention this to make you all feel guilty in case you had a Holiday party and failed to invite us. We've been free every weekend in December, we did get invited to a New Years Eve party, but that was our own, so that really doesn't count. 

I said we were free every weekend, but that really is a lie.  The first weekend in December we weren't free.  We spent way too much money, making sure our daughters got their 3 and ½ seconds of fame.   What I really mean is, Kamri and Evie were privileged enough to get to be in the Nutcracker Ballet again this year.  Kamri was in the Party scene as one of Clara’s friend’s and as a toy soldier.  Evie was a cute little mouse (who did not die) and a beautiful Seraph, who did more than just sit with her hands folded on stage.  She was adamant that she would not just sit there as an angel, this year, because last year as a cherub they had to do most of their “dancing” in the sitting position.
Kamri is the one in purple

Notice she's NOT sitting

Oh, and there was one more weekend we weren't free, that was the weekend where we went to Nick’s work Christmas party.  Not nearly as horrible as last year, but still quite embarrassing.  He insists on dressing in Holiday attire, which to him means dressing up as Jack Frost. I should just be glad that he’s still with the same company after last year’s Christmas debacle.  Heck I should just be glad he’s still with the same company because normally he only last about 2 months at a job.

We've enrolled the girls in an exclusive private girls academy. Kamri goes Monday’s and Wednesday’s and Evie goes Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.  Friday’s they stay home so we can wash the uniform.  Just kidding, the girls are home-schooled and stay in their pj’s all day. Kamri is eight and in third grade, Evie is 6 and in 1st grade.  Being home-schooled keeps me on my Prozac, I mean toes.  They are both in Ballet, as I mentioned before and they are both in Girl Scouts too.  

Avery has accomplished a lot this year.  She was potty trained, then unpotty trained and then potty trained again, followed by once again being unpotty trained.  She loves doing things over and over until they reach perfection.  We all hope this is her last attempt at potty training. She loves her job as big sister to Max.  She loves to play with him.  Just the other day I came into the room and heard Nick say “Avery, please don’t sit on Max’s head.”

Max is the smartest 20 month old you ever met.  He can say about 500 words, six of which are English. The others are part Mandarin, part Arabic and part of a lost civilization that communicated in shrieks, grunts and drools. He’s also quite good at drawing.  He loves to find markers, then draw all over himself, dubbing himself our “colored child”.

We took a family trip to the Disney World and the Ocean this year.  Avery’s favorite ride was the potty.  I think we stood in line for the potty almost as long as we did at Space Mountain. No I think it was longer.  

This was ride #1 of about 90

Max loved the beach almost as much as a cat loves a bath.  You would think we were torturing him, by letting him play in the sand. Kamri & Evie were pretty much fish, even the baby shark we saw didn't scare them out of the water.

My life has been full this year with homeschooling the girls and running 26 miles a day. I have little time for my Latin crossword puzzles.  After being hit by a truck this year, I decided to do something with my life.  Sadly I keep forgetting what it is, probably some of the brain damage I sustained from the accident.  I seem to be on the road to recovery and will…I forgot what I was talking about.

We've had another year, we survived two END OF THE WORLDS this year! Booya! We hope you survived the end of the world as well.  Until next year!

Taren, Nick, Kamri, Evie, Avery & Max Walters