Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year!  You name it I’m happy about it! This year has been 12 months long, with lots of days in between. The year started in January, and I can’t remember anything until May.  I don’t know what happened in those months, maybe I was abducted by aliens, or maybe I’m just getting old. I don’t remember!

Nick as the Grinch at his work Christmas Party

Nick is still in new home sales.  He’s been with the same company for almost 3 years. I remember this only because we’ve been to two Christmas party’s where he’s dressed up like a Christmas Character and we just went to our third.  The first year we were invited to the Christmas party the invitation said “come dressed in Holiday attire.”  Nick took that to mean dress up as an elf with pointy ears and pointy shoes.  The next year he dressed as Jack Frost with silver hair and more pointy ears.  This year he’s going as the Grinch, green face and all (and of course pointy ears).  I can’t wait to be embarrassed for the third year in a row. Other than his holiday non-sense, he’s doing great!  He’s awesome at new home sales, he really has found his nitch at Dunghill….oops I mean Dunhill. Dunhill is continuing to provide all kinds of excitement! Why, it’s almost been like one of those horror movies from the 1950’s! WILL Dunhill close a house on time?  Will we be grey-whiskered and wrinkled before we are able to enjoy the fruits of Nick's labor? WHEN will Dunhill’s all-male company finally replace the toilet paper roll in the restroom?

I'm a crazy lunatic!

I (Taren) am as crazy as ever! I’m still homeschooling the girls, volunteering in MOPS, being that crazy ballet mom who is always carpooling ballerinas and sewing Nutcracker costumes, AND working a part-time job at home.   I also couldn’t be more lacking in personal hygiene, increasingly socially impaired, addicted to sloppy yoga pants, and embarrassed by the growing butt-shaped, laptop-warmed dent in the couch, but YAY for working from home! (The best part is how there are NO vacation days!)

Kamri doesn't really wear glasses

Kamri is 9 and in fourth grade.  Along with her studies at home she’s also been in ballet.  This is her fourth year in ballet.  Even though she says she hates it, she really loves it.  She was in the ballet Swan Lake and in the Nutcracker.  She is also considering pursing an Art degree.  Well she should after the stunt she pulled on her little sister this year.  We woke up one morning to find Avery covered in red dots all over her body (except her legs), her feet, booty, ears, underarms and everywhere else were covered in red dots.  She fooled many people with the pictures I posted on Facebook, however she didn't full mom and dad.

Kamri's artwork on Avery

Evie "playing" soccer

Evie learned to play soccer this year and immediately showed a talent for wandering off the field in the middle of the game. She’s an excellent shot, sadly it was for the other team.  She also has a nack for fashion design, she loves combining her own outfits.  Like just today (in 33 degree weather) she was wearing cut off jean shorts, long sleeve teal shirt, pink tights and ugg boots. Evie’s best look: Shirt inside out & pants zipper down. It's good for emergencies, I guess.

Avery is very much a big girl now, albeit a big girl who remains deathly afraid of dark bathrooms. She's five and in preschool two days a week at church and the rest of the week with us at home.  She has learned to write her name, and she defies the law of averages by writing her name backwards 75 percent of the time. 
Max and his artwork
Some of Max’s favorite activities are quite typical for a boy his age and include suddenly laying down in the middle of the aisle at Kroger for no apparent reason, insisting on playing on all the playground equipment within sight, and telling me to “go” when the car is stopped at every red light. Also, he's quite and artist, as you can see by the picture.  He's still our little colored boy.   Lately, Max has been working diligently to conquer potty training. He has done fairly well training me when he’s crapped in his diaper and when his pants are sopping wet, to change him. Max is usually most interested in going potty when it is time to leave the house. We are encouraged by his progress, but aren't holding our breath in hopes of being diaper free next year!

As you can see, our family is as crazy as ever. We look forward to the holiday season and impending New Year with brimming excitement. Each day we count our blessings and are happy fantastic voyage continues unabated. Please feel welcome to stop by for a spell any time and join in our voyage. We'd love to catch up! In the mean time, drop us a line or give us a call, if you get the chance.
From our family to yours,

Nick, Taren, Kamri, Evie, Avery & Max