Monday, July 27, 2015

Pebbles in your Shoes

We have all had this experience, we are walking or running (not me I don’t run) and we feel a small pebble in our shoes. I’ve been walking long enough lately to know, if I don’t deal with this irritant now I will regret it later. At this point I have two choices, I could stop and deal with it, or I could keep walking and let this little pebble cause me more and more strife as I go along. I decide that it’s not worth the trouble in the long run. So I pull over, take off my pack, take off my shoe and my sock and feel around in the dark for this pebble. I find it and put my sock back on, put my shoe back on and load up my pack and head on my way. I took the pebble with me, I wanted to see this tiny thing more closely. Surely it must be a diamond because it was so hard and jagged. Upon further observation and after rolling it between my fingers, I see that it is not a pebble. It’s actually clotted mud. Once I roll it around it begins to crumble in my fingers.
I began to think about my life and how the little things, when not dealt with properly can become an annoying hindrance in my path. Had I taken the time to clean out my shoes this morning I would not have needed to stop and deal with this hindrance now. Like sin, when it’s not dealt with promptly it can become a hindrance. Something little can become problems later on down the road. Many times we try to ignore those pebbles and pretend they aren’t there. Or kick our shoes around and move the pebble so it’s not a hindrance. We do this with sin too, we cover it up, move it out of the way so people can’t see it. But it’s still there! The only solution is to sit down uncover yourself and deal with the problem face on. Get that pebble/sin out of there. Then once we deal with it, there is another thing that MUST be done! You must put your shoes back on, get up and keep walking.
I think I’ve been dealing with the junk in my life now for too long. I need to get up and keep walking. It’s time to move on. In August I'm going on a 22 day 312 mile hike from Burgos, Spain to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. I’m hoping and praying this walk with help me to uncover all those pebbles I’ve got in my shoes so I get up and move on. I hope you can do this too!