The Real June Cleaver

The real June Cleaver is way different than any other June Cleaver you've ever seen.  Although we have some similarities, we mostly are completely different.

Both June and I were....ok, we have nothing in common.

June wears pearls while gardening.  I don't garden!

June decorates cakes and roasts chicken.  I buy cupcakes and use a crock-pot.

June has 2 boys, I have 3 girls and a boy.

June remained married to Ward.  I'm a single mom raising 4 kids alone.

June always has perfect hair and tasteful make-up.  My idea of perfect hair is a bun, and if I have make-up on it's for a special occasion or meeting with the principle.

The real June Cleaver is a mom who gets up at 4:45 am to work out at the gym, and races home at 6:50 to get her kids up for breakfast and school.  A mom who, while her kids are at school she is working her bum off to provide an income for her family. A mom who volunteers most of her "free" time to her kids' schools and church.  And who cooks, cleans, feeds kids, holds classes in her home and meets with clients on the phone locked in her closet to get some peaceful time.

Who am I? I am the real June Cleaver!  I was married at 21, graduated college at 22. Had my first of four kids at 25.  I've traveled to over 17 different countries, climbed the Great Wall of China, swam in the Dead Sea, scuba Dived in the Red Sea, Survived a spouse who cheated and left her alone at 35 and who will raise four kids by herself.  I am confident and I am strong.  I can do this life alone but I have faith that one day I will find my one and only and I will love him with a passion most people will never understand.

That's who I am! The real June Cleaver.